Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pink Toes and Cheerios

I bought yogurt blast cheerios for the kids to have as a snack, and everywhere I look I find little cups with all the pink ones pick out. Little buggars.

And We have some slight skin issues going on with Grady, that may or may not be related to the cheerios. He was playing with Teagen, and I noticed a large red welt across his face. As red as can be and raised. They had been fighting, so I assumed that she slapped him one! But he said she didn't, I just let it go. A bit later I was changing him into pjs and noticed these slap marks were everywhere. and they contained bumpy hives too. Now, Summer always had skin issues as a little one. Broke out from anything,which is why we use fragrance free everything. But Grady and Teagen both have the most porcelain skin you have ever seen. When there is something going on, it just seems very wrong. I put him in the bath, call Rachael, since she has seen it all with her kids and Fifths Disease, among other allergic reactions. We ruled out Slap Cheek. She is certain that its some kind of contact reaction. And the rash kind of "moves" fads from one spot and then get bad somewhere else over the course of an hour. Jason thinks its because he is itching. I think he is itching because he is having a reaction.
He was up once last night. This morning it was all very calm, but now it seems to be flaring again.
Ok, I gotta go, but if anyone has a clue, let me know.


Jodi said...

I know I've read about this before!! I keep googling but come up empty handed. I'll check my book at home...

Kim :) said...

If he had a reaction to something externally he could be spreading it by scratching. So you could both be right :) If you have any benedryl...give him a dose (or 1/2 if you're not sure) and if it's not getting better I would definately get him checked. The benedryl usually works pretty fast, so you should see a difference within an hour if it's gonna work.

I know all about skin issues! I hate my skin (and allergies) and Todd and Anna both have eczema stinks! I hope he feels better soon!

Theresa said...

1/2 a dose of Benedryl is a great Idea. I give it to my kids when they break out. Keep us updated on little Grady!

hien k. d. said...

hi Jen :)

sorry for my late response. i agree with the benadryl.

kids can have all kinds of skin problems! here's a website i recommend to patients sometime...take a look if you get a chance. may be helpful sometime. :)

(it's sponsored by American Academy of Family Physicians so i think it's a pretty good site)