Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday fill-ins we go!

1. It seems like the world is getting scarier. And funny-er too! Every headline that scares me is followed by one that makes me laugh out loud at the stupidity of someone or something.

2. Put everything away when you're done, please? (I wish saying this actually worked)

3. If I thought it would help, I'd brew a pot of coffee right now and drink it. I might anyway.

4. Being happy, having fun, feeling safe, and supported is what I think of most when I think of you.(Jason)

5. To me, Valentine's Day means gushy, squishy LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. But I hated it in school, because I never had boyfriends, and didn't get "candygrams" or balloons or;) Of course now if one of my girls ever comes home with any of that stuff from a boy, I am gonna FREAK. (and flowers and candy are lame)

6. MY family gives me strength. For them I would do anything. Anything.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to um, I'll be at the store, tomorrow my plans include not sure, but we will all be together and Sunday, I want to go up to Whitehall while Jason takes Summer fishing(if there is enough ice) and visit with the fam!


I wanted to touch on the last post just for a second. I think all schools are just getting out of control. I still believed that WHS was immune to this change( even with all the recent bad publicity) and was shocked. But I have a lot of hope for us. Obviously the schools can't do it by themselves, so its going to take MORE parental involvement by US in order to keep them safe and on the right path. I think most of us are already doing that. And by actually being parents, not our kids best buddies. I've said it a million times, but if kids don't fear their parents just a little, then they will do whatever they want to. It was fear that kept me out of a lot of trouble, that's for sure.

Last thing, and I hope typing it out helps to clear my head of it. Last night, not 10 miles from here, two babies were killed in a house fire. A boy and girl, same as Teagen and Grady. I am so angry and so heartbroken. I barely slept. All I could think of were T and G huddled together under a bed, and I just cant get the image out of my head for more than a couple minutes. I just don't understand where the adults were. I am certainly more tolerant of naughtiness today and hugging my littles close.


Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

Oh Jennie... I cried last night as well. I actually stayed up to watch the news because we had some major sierns and action in our area (that lasted for an hour) so I wanted to see what had happened...and then the story appeared. I teared up with they were interviewing the family, and then they spoke of the children that did not make it out and the details. I too, could not get that out of my head. I felt so guilty last night for laying in my bed, in a warm and safe house, with the heat running and food in the fridge when there are families out there that don't have that.
But then for the heating company to cut off the heat...I get the business end, but I just don't understand how they could shut off heat to a family of 9 - including helpless children...

Lea said...

Yes - I too could not get the mental imagine of those poor kids huddled together under the bed while their house was burning. Just typing this is making me cry. I hear too there was a little girl who died (drowned) in a front loading washer because her and her younger brother were playing hide-and-seek. She climbed in, he shut the door and the controls were at his level. Without knowing it, he turned on the washer..and you can guess the rest. Makes me SO much MORE thankful for my boys - even when they're naughty!!

Kristin said...

That is why I don't watch the news:)! I use to watch the news at 11 and Jimmy banned me. I would stay awake all hours of the night worring about things out of my control. Raising kids today is such a scary thing. I think on most days the benefits outweigh the bad, but it is scary. I agree that parents need to be least a little. I know I was (fearful of my Dad) and I think it kept me out of SOME trouble, but not all. That is what scares me. My parents were "those" parents and I started out good and then I "lost" my way...not bad, but I still did things I should not have done and lied to my parents...and was good at it!! So many things I would have done differently. I hope that "guilt" helps me raise the crazies...especially the girls!!!

Shelly said...

I was so heartbroken when i heard this on the news also, first thing I was wondering was where were the adults. What a way to die hiding under a bed.