Friday, February 6, 2009

I am having a love affair with the Sun

Because I have missed it so much. I even have ALL the shades up. I tend to keep them down most of the winter simply because our windows are 80 years old and do not keep much heat in(or cold out) And the shades help a lot. Sad little leftover mums from Autumn. Spring may be over a month away, but at least there is hope that this snow will melt this weekend! Hello 40 degrees!!
Someone else enjoying the sunshine. Griffin is the 1st one to the window. Chase is the 1st one to bark. Apparently this is what they have worked out having been together for nearly 10 years.
And thanks for the help on my last post. I think they were totally hives, we will not know why unless it happens again. But it all cleared up in 2 days. You would think that after 3 kids, I would be smart enough to keep benedryl in the house. Better get my act together, spring is coming, along with its buggy friends.

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Shelly said...

I am also loving the sun and finally the warmer temps. I can't wait for spring and all the beautiful things I planted last summer to bloom again.