Friday, December 7, 2007

What matters most

these were taken this past Sunday. I think they sum up our everyday life pretty well. Summer is in every picture(center of attention), The house is a disaster, Grady is a bit of a (sweet) bully, we try to do something fun everyday(making brownies) and Teagen's face is dirty(again).
OK, the messy house drives me nuts. But I decided a long time ago that time spent enjoying my family if far more important than a perfect house. Life is too short and I don't want to miss a thing! What would my Mom have done if she had known that at 30 that she would be gone in 3 years? It wouldn't have been dusting, I know that for sure. Now, I realize that its irresponsible to live each day like its your last(or else I would be maxing out credit cards all over town!) But I think we can all apply some of that saying to our lives and really benefit. It goes along with "don't sweat the small stuff". Sometimes I need to step back and take in the entire picture to see what matters most.
Well today is a busy one. I am finishing up some secret projects(gifts), I have to pack for everyone for our trip to Mason tomorrow, and I just found out that Jason has to fly to Wisconsin next Weds for work, and I need to figure out if I am working or not and how to deal with that! And I thing Jason and I will play "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to see who is stuck grocery shopping and getting my Jeep an oil change.
So have a great weekend, I'm grabbin' my coffee and gettin' GOin'!!!


Shelly said...

What an awesome post, I only wish that everyone could look at life like this the world would be a much happier place. Thanks for all your well wishes I appreciate them so much.

Anonymous said...

You have you Life Priorities RIGHT. There is a time and place for for a neat house. This is not the time. And guess what ... Later won't be either. There is so much to experience at all phases of life. I love that you "get it". Clutter and dust will alway come back but TODAY never will.