Friday, December 14, 2007


Here are two more of our little traditions. 1st is our advent calendar. I got it when Summer was little but I think I will have to upgrade next year to a bigger one. I want one with little doors or drawers for each day of the month. Right now I had to SQUEEZE 2 tiny candy bars in each pocket for the girls. They look forward to it each day and we get a little math practice doing the countdown.

The 2nd photo is "The CRAZY House" This house is a 1/2 mile from us and is indeed crazy. Its on Shuller(I think) off Laketon near the lake. Their yard and lot is COVERED with the tackiest stuff in Christmas history AND WE LOVE IT. We've been calling it "The CRAZY House" for 10 years, since Jason and I moved to Muskegon. Summer fell in love as a toddler and now if we are out past dark and no one is crying, we have to drive past it. I think we have been past 4 or 5 times this year already. These people just want to make all the little kids happy and it is just awesome.

Gotta work for 4 hours tonight. I've got a stop to make to get a gift on my way in. Going to take my X-mas cards to work and hopefully if its as slow as yesterday I can get them mostly done! Jason is out grocery shopping ( love that) And I am making lunch for my babes. Have a great weekend!


Julie said...

When the girls were younger we used a cute stitched nativity advent calendar. It hard cute pockets that I put three m&m's in. Kids love traditions and doing them together. Now the girls and I spend a day baking goodies and that's fun. Enjoy every single moment.

Shelly said...

The calendar is such a neat idea and we always take the kids by that same house. We usually put lights up and we have done nothing my husband blames it on the cold weather I just think that the mood has not been right.