Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

What a whirlwind.3 days of crazyness and its over. I wish I had pics from Xmas eve, everyone was dressed up and looked so stinkin' cute!

The morning was fun. After gifts we lazed around for a while, munched and played. finally got around to getting ready for my Dads. They spoiled us as usual and went way overboard. I will have to take a photo of my new carving from my dad and post it. It is amazing. How can his stuff keep getting better? Anyway, we had a great dinner and too much dessert. Dad and Cindy loved on the kiddos for a while and then when babies started to get grumpy we all left.

Grady wound up getting sick that night. 103.5 temp and crabby. No other symptoms of anything. Weird. Maybe teeth (those dang molars) but that seems way to high a temp for teeth. Now Jason and I are under the weather. We always get sick together and him way worse! I am fighting this cold with everything I got... tea, vitamins, oranges, water, juice. We will see. I am going to bed now to see if I can sleep some of it off.

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