Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree

This is Tigger(on the TV) Teagen and our sweet little tree. I do love this little tree even though its fake. At this point in life it is necessary. TO many little kids and dogs. Even the cat leaves it alone. I don't have to worry about Grady filling his cheeks with pine needles. Our ceilings are so high that if we didn't put the tree on the little table, it would just look ridiculous. I have to say that Christmas Morning this tree is awesome with all the gift piled up underneath. My only concern is that the poor thing may collapse due to the sheer volume of ornament that it displays!
One day when we move, it will become the "kids tree" and hold only kid-made ornaments and then we will get a REAL family tree. Sorry my photo is so cruddy. I took it last night while the kids watched some specials on TV. Did anyone else see the Shrek Christmas? I only saw part of it but it was funny! Grady was laughing so hard he kept falling over!


Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR TREE. It looks Rich and and is not an overwhelming job to put it away or take it down.
SHREK CHRISTMAS WAS HILLARIOUS. I Love the entire Shrek thing. Such a nice bonus for the Holidays.

Shelly said...

I love the tree our tree is way to big this year I already can't wait to take it down. We saw the Shrek Christmas and my kids loved it and so did John he laughed so hard he cried at the cat part.