Friday, October 26, 2007

Why God made 2 year olds so dang cute...

So that we don't abandon them on the neighbors doorstep.

OK, last night I took all three kids to Cee-Cees To meet Kelly and Leighton. It never occurred to me that this was the 1st time I've taken them out alone to a restaurant. Except for the full diet coke that Grady grabbed and dumped down the front of himself, everyone was good. If only Teagen would have actually eaten and didn't sit at her own table. Grady kept stealing Kel's fork and banged on the plate really loud. Needless to say, it was more stressful and less fun than I had hoped. With Kelly working full time, we really have no chance to catch up anymore and that didn't happen yesterday either. Then, somehow I still thought it would be fun to check out the new Target after "dinner". Kel rolls her cart over with her nice little germ-protecting seat liner for Leighton. I grab one of those limo-sized carts ( BTW-those thing require blinkers and mirrors) trying to figure out how to strap Grady into the toddler seat. You can't use the baby seat in those things, they have the leg holes blocked. So Kelly graciously removed her son from the germ-free cart to ride w/Teagen and pushed Grady in her cart. At this point Summer is crying because I told her she's too big to ride in a cart. Should have got back in the car at this point but no, I was not going to admit defeat. In we go. I left both carts with Kelly for 1 minute and I hear crying- loud crying. Its Leighton with teeth marks on his finger courtesy of Teagen. She hates if he points at her or pokes her so that's her reaction. If it happens at my house-I take care of it. BIG trouble. But I have no idea how to handle it in a store FULL of people. I give Kelly a lot of credit for not slapping her across her face(OK, Kel doesn't even have that in her) but man, I was SOOO MAD! Why is she doing this? It makes me crazy. And I thought the biting phase was over. She has bit Leighton on the arm a couple of times, but its been a while. Then while watch Leighton this week, I've noticed he has started poking and pointing at everything. He's 2 and very laid back. But he is starting to see that he can push limits and loves to push Teagen's buttons. So that is her reaction. The WRONG reaction. I cannot believe that one of MY kids is the BITER. Ya know, there's one in every daycare. Ugghh. I hate it, don't know what to do. I am Sorry Leighton. I am sorry Kelly. You guys are troopers for still loving her. Anyone have any ideas how to handle this? I'm totally at a loss.
So after about 12 seat swaps and 4 Teagen melt-downs in the middle of shopping isles, we check out. The woman in front of me in line looks back apologetically, "I'm so sorry...I've been there." I just got in line, was it that obvious that I was totally losing it? I have no idea who I've become. I can't understand how I lost control of the situation.
I'm not leaving the house again until hunting season is over.


Melissa said...

I'm feeling for you Jen. Now just wait till Teagan is a teenager and hates you for telling everyone she was a biter.
You didn't hear this from me...but my Autumn bites too, but just her own little sister.
-Melissa O.

Kristin said...

I have so been there!!! Let me know how to get "control" back when it is lost. I would love any advice you have on this situation. Three is just so many when there is not another parent, you only have two hands and ONE brain!!!! It can get overloaded by three kids very easy!
By the way, I LOVE THE BLOG!!! It is fabulous!!! I have officially begun stalking you!!!

Bunnie said...

OMG Jenny LOL...way to funny! Boy could I relate to that story...I even remember being with your mom and you and Rachel and Beau and Jess and having somthing like that happen. I used to grab the wooden spoon in the store at meijers, still in the plastic and threaten Beau...i think he still remembers it also. It was nice to see Rachel and her football player hehehe...It was a good day. Hope to see you Bunnie

Shelly said...

Hi Jen, I found you on Kristin's blog (hope that's okay). Your kids are getting so big and they are all so cute. I remember those days in resturants I still have a few with Hailey but it does get easier with age either that or I have just learned to ignore everything. Enjoy the craziness because before you know it they will be 10 like my Ty and all they want to do is break away from you. Take care!

julie said...

Hey Jen,
Your blog is so fun, great way to share the ups and downs of life. You will get through the biting stage (there are worse stages) you and Teagen will look back and find it humorous.
Looking forward to seeing you guys on the 17th.
Love Julie