Sunday, October 28, 2007 was a long one. Most of it spent at my little job. Starting with a 7:30am meeting in Grand Haven. ridiculous. Its tanning, people, not rocket science. Whats funny is how much Midnite Sun & Cruise is like a Midwest version of "Sunset Tan". I've only watch the show a little, but that's because I have enough drama in the 12 hours a week at work that I really don't need to see their drama too.

So then it was straight to the salon to open until 5pm when we close. Lucky for me Amanda hung out for a while in the morning and then Autumn came in and tanned and hung out too. Makes the time go by.

I am lucky to have a flexible job and the free (or very cheap)tanning is cool too. The years I spent home all the time were not always easy and I like getting some adult interaction. I am the "old Lady" around there but I have fun with the girls.When ever I say I am quitting, Jason reminds me that the problems there are not as bad as the problems I Could have other places. I mean they let me work 12 hours a week. That's pretty awesome.

BTW- The biting Saga continues. I am looking for advice. We do time-outs(nope), send her to her room(just goes to sleep), spankings(solving violence with violence?), put toys in time-out(she doesn't care). I don't know what else to try. I'm sure by now Kelly doesn't want Leighton here. If Greg knows or finds out, I am sure he won't want Leighton here! I already don't even let them out of my sight but Teagen doesn't seem to care either way. Are there toddler muzzles? Oh, yeah, and she only bites him. and only on the finger. Weird.

OK,long boring post. Sorry. Should have some pics tomorrow. And maybe some new stuff in my portfolio at sisTV. Later Taters!

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Shelly said...

Hailey still likes to bite others when she gets mad it seems to be the only way she can express her anger I have tried everything I mean Everything I have even bitten her and nothing seems to work. Good Luck!