Monday, October 22, 2007


Oh, my. Its been a LOOOONg weekend. I actually can't believe it's Monday. Feels like Thursday. Teagen is sooo sick. in her 2 1/2 years she has only had 1 or 2 colds. But this is baaad. Jason took her to the medi-center (new experience for us) on Saturday while I took Grady and Summer to her last football game for cheerleading. Teagen ended up having bronchitis and strep throat. She won't sleep unless one of us is touching her. She will not eat and is barely drinking. And she whispers. That goodness I am very fluent in Teagenese and am now learning to read lips.

All this is such a bummer because she finally started using the potty last Tuesday! And she was really doing well. only a couple accidents and going all by herself with out us bugging her constantly. This. Is. Big. I really have learned to never expect anything from Tee. She knows it and will do the opposite of what you think. I guess if I expect the worst, she will give me the best. Well, bring it on sweetness, I'm up to the challenge!

So back to the illness...she's on amoxicillin. Summer is allergic to all "cillins" Its a total pain when shes sick because we have to usually get a very EXPENSIVE antibiotic that doesn't work as well. Ok, now Teagen has 3 hives on her face. her face is usually perfect, she's never had a rash, bump or any thing. These are hives and hives are a reaction. Apparently Summer's reaction has nothing to do with anyone else being allergic to pennicilin in our families(my Mom, Jason's sister...) Dr says "only allergies run in families NOT allergies to specific things." He has said this on several occasions. So I called the office and talked to the nurse. She said it could also be cause by the fever she is still running. Keep giving her the med and if she gets any more hives GET HER IN IMMEDIATLY. Wow, so reassuring. We've been so lucky with such healthy kids that I am a mess when something comes up. I am trying to not be crazy-mom-who-calls-Dr-for-any-little-thing. NOt as easy as it sounds. Also try to keep off webmd. I am not a doctor so why try to make a diagnosis on my own. I'll be even more of a freakshow. Wow,I need a nap.

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