Thursday, October 25, 2007

One Last cheer...

Whew...the season is OVER! Its been fun,interesting and long. Pratice started in July And has been 4 days a week for 2 hrs a night. Lakeside takes football very seriously and the cheerleaders follow the same schedule. Such a different experience for us here than what it was in Whitehall last year. They learned A LOT of cheers and pratice was pretty serious.( they even ran laps!)
I didnt like some of the cheers- to provactive. One in particular is "jiggelo". We alway did as "wiggelo" when I cheered(back in the day) Its not meant to mean anything, but I still hate it. Lots of sing-song, hip-hop cheering too. Not what I was used to. I think Summer was uncomfortable with a lot of it too. It was a bit odd to watch how differently all the girls race. Summer has always had very mixed groups of friends in school. Totally unaware of race, and I was very proud of that. Summer would be telling us about someone and say " Ya know, that girl with the soft brown skin that has all the cool barettes in her hair." The words black and white were no more than colors of crayons. But in cheerleading there were sudden obvious differences. In any free time, the girls seperated. But I think just because they played differently. The black girls did little dances and cheers learned from olders kids. Summer and her friends would play "secret spy" and other imagination games. The white girls seemed almost younger. One thing was always the same- if Teagen and Grady came to pratice, ALL the girls wanted to play with them! Teagen actually learned most of the cheers and Grady loved the cherring so much that he would clap after they finished. Grady loves the ladies!
But anyway, Its been fun. Great coaches. Thanks Renee and Ashanta. We might try soccer next year. Who knows. My questions am I supposed to do all these activities when I have 3 playing?!?!

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