Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So at 8:00pm last night, we realized that we need to be sure we had everything for costumes, and that we have not carved pumpkins yet! Well, let me tell ya, we rocked out the pumpkin carving! done in like 30 minutes. Turned out pretty cute too! The girls each picked out what kind of face that they wanted, I drew, Jason gutted and carved I took pics. We really have this whole teamwork thing down.Costumes were modeled( Taegen didn't want to take hers off) List was made of things we still need(glowsticks, new handle for Summer's pumpkin bucket) I am concidering a trial run tonight for a photo shoot. We'll see. My pictures stunk last year because halloween is just SO CRAZY! By the time Summer and I get home from the school its 4pm. This year we are going to Grand Rapids to trick-or-treat at Jasons moms neighborhood. So we will have to leave ASAP. I just totally talked my self into the photoshoot tonight.

I LOVE Teagen's scary face! She is so funny. She wanted to pratice trick-or-treating by asking us with her pail. And she was so serious about wanting a smiley face pumpkin- not scary. I cant wait to see her all dressed up.

Summer is beside herself with excitement. I don't know how teachers handle these kids all day before the party. Summer and her friends have all been discussing costumes since school started! Halloween is pretty big among the 1st Grade crowd.

Allright, I'm off! Leighton will be here by 10:30 and I have things to do before I have to devote all my attention to the biter and the bitten. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...


They are so cute. Makes me miss you all so much. We really missed you at Grandma's dedication. She would have loved it all, especially the wine! It was nice to see Rachael, Kennedy, and Reed. Hope I have the names right, there are too many to remember, but we love them all!

Can't wait to see your pictures.


PS We came back to Wisconsin to find the mice had gotten into the trailer and ate my underwear. Welcome Home!!!!!