Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Snow

Come spring, all the homes in our neighborhood that are actually on Pere Marquette, are burried in sand. They then stick signs in all of their yards advertising "free sand". Last year was cute when a "war" erupted, and neighbors' sign said "Free-er sand". Everyone thought it was funny and many of the signs got quirkier as the season wore on. Well in light of the current weather situation, my neighbor across the street added a big sign to their yard exclaiming,"FREE SNOW" . Jason said we should add "Free-er Snow" to our own yard. I went over to go take a picture of their sign but it was completely free snow.

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Life in the Fast Lane said...

That is so funny! You really should put a free-er sign in your yard. I seen them sings last year for the sand and got the biggest kick out of them. I am about sick of all this snow we have been getting this winter!