Monday, January 21, 2008

We are experiencing tecnical difficulties...

So I always post with a photo but for some reason I cant find"My Pictures" on the little dropdown thingy when I try to download. I screwed up something when I tried to download some free music last week. uggh! So here is a post with no photos. Sorry out-of-towners. Maybe someone has some advice for me how to figure this out.
Since my last post...not too exciting. My buddy Leighton hung out with us a bunch last week, but now his Dad will be home for a couple weeks and he wont be around. I VOTED. All the seniors down at the Poll were lovin' me being the youngest by about 30 years ( a bit of an exaggeration) to vote in the MI primary. Jason and I are trying to get into the gym at a more regular rate. And the 1st fast-food I've eaten in ages gave the kids and I all food poisoning. That was least it really only lasted about 12 hours. And we had Jason to take care of us since he decided to eat almost an entire bag of pizza rolls instead of Burger king that night. Who knew that eating a bag of pizza rolls would be a better decision? Saturday I went to an ALL DAY crop with Mya. Very fun and I won a gorgeous Turquoise and sterling silver bracelet. Got some really good pages done too. Summer's home for MLK Day and I think we are all going to the gym today. Hopefully I'll figure out this blog/photo thing soon!


Shelly said...

Thats awful about all of you getting sick. Not much help in the picture department sorry, good luck. Enjoy your day with your kids.

Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

I like how you say not much has happened but to me that was a whole lot that happened in one paragraph. :)