Thursday, January 3, 2008

poor babies

Yesterday, Summer was supposed to go back to school.On New Years day she got pretty sick and then Teagen followed. Still just the fever thing and stuffy noses. a little coughing too. The one thing that is so different for this family is what ever kind of virus this was it knocks you OUT. The kids (and Jason) slept all day. With such a hyperactive bunch you know something isn't right when they want to sleep all day. Everyone is better today. Summer is in school and we are going to try to re-establish our routine around here. All the sickies around here have kept me from getting all the Xmas stuff down and I am done looking at it all! I am ready for the fresh start promised by the new year and plan to get moving


rachael said...

I love these pics of the girls. Teagen is hilarious!

Shelly said...

I don't like this time of the year because of all the sickness that goes around. Ty and Isaac both had strep and all the kids around here have the running noses, can't wait for spring!!! Hope everyone feels better.