Friday, March 12, 2010

Through the Eyes of an Eight Year Old

For Christmas, This girl... got a real digital camera. Not a kids camera, but one with higher megapixils than what I carry. I finally got around to downloading her pics and I discovered 400 little gems on this memory card. Here is a glimps as to what I found.

No less than 20 shots of Bling-Bling.

Cats do not like flash photography.

Chase is pretty good a hiding out most of the time, only 8 pics of her. But she was caught in the act of sleeping in Summer's bed.

And searching for abandoned pop tarts.

She took her camera twice ice fishing. She has learned that Schultz men cannot always be responsible for documenting some of these "fun" times. And goodness knows mom will not be venturing out there.

Pics of Kennedy when she was here for New Years Eve...

And about 45 photos of Grady looking like this...

and this...
Or this...

And even this!

But its OK when you have a little sister who want to be the next Vanna White.

I can't wait to see what kind of pictures she takes this spring when we are outdoors. In December, this is all there is:
Everyone does self portraits. But 12 photos of your feet? Really?
Is this not the pic used for every teenagers profile on facebook?

love this:

No lie, 26 shots of stuffed animals.

And a few from the apparent STAR of our house, 36, yes, 36 photos of my poor Griffin dog.
The poor tortured animal.

two shots of TV shows. I am guessing they were scenes she never wants to forget.

26 photos for Teagen on her birthday.
And lets see, what else...
4 photos of Grady sleeping. In the dark.
2 of the celing fan.
5 of her American Girl sleeping in her bed.
and 3 of a paper plate with a face drawn on it.

The kids got a lot of time on her hands;)


Kristin said...

I love it!!! It reminds me of Isaac. He loves to steal my camera and do the same thing. It makes my heart smile to see what they care about and "capture" it for life is even better!!!!

Angi said...

This is sooo awesome!! Great memories! We always got the kids thosse throw away cameras (my babies were actually BEFORE those nice digital cameras) for stockings or easter baskets....LOVED what I found on there. Even foundone grant took of his legs while sitting on teh toilet!! Or Ashley just getting out of teh shower and screaming (keep in mind MY oldest is a BOY!)

Mandy said...

Best.Post.Ever. This is absolutely great! I loved all of it! How fun is it to document all these good times seen through her eyes! GREAT STUFF SUMMER!!

Lea said...

This is truely a pricelss post!! I LOVE IT!! Our Andon is the SAME way...we call him little Marty Staufer! We can TOTALLY see him being that as he gets older!

Your girl really has time on her hands...but she takes some pretty amazing pics! :-)

Lisa said...

I LOVE the pictures she took!! Life through the lens of an 8 year old!!!

Jodi said...

I cannot control the laughter! I found 6..or was it 8{?} disposable cameras about 2 months ago and developed them, knowing I haven't used one in at least 2's amazing what people think is picture-worthy...hubby included. :)

I LOVE the Grady faces...they are the best of all!!

Andrew's new thing is making videos on his ipod. Should share, but I think I was yelling in one or two of them. ;)

Cannot wait to see spring and summer...sure she has her mother's eye...