Monday, September 14, 2009

Teagen's 1st Day

I shouldn't be surprised.

Its happened to me before.
I send a baby to school for the first time, and they come home a kid. A chattering, busy, in-love-with-the-routine-of-school kid. It happened today, and only took 3 hours.

She is a different girl. And she LOVED every moment. Jason was going to take today off just as a day to catch up after Wheatland, but got to go for Tea's first day. At this point I sould mention that Grady really believed that he was going to class too. When he finally realized that it wasn't the case, he was very sad. So so sad.
My first day girl. A little outfit drama last night. Lets hope this isnt just a hint of whats to come, but I think its a pretty good indication.

Finding her locker. Its huge! She fits right inside there!

All the kids did great. There was one sad one, but then he started to play and was fine. Teagen never looked back. I was so happy for her! And proud too.
What a great day, neither of us shed a tear:)


Jodi said...

Happy first day of school! Lockers in preschool? Way cool.

LOVE the new header...also way cool.

Kristin said...

Way to go big girl...that is both you and Tea. It is such a wonderful time...scary....emotional...but all the same WONDERFUL!!!

I do feel a little bad for Grady!!!!

Julie said...

Love your new blog look!
I'm so proud of Teagen, I bet she was so proud of herself, being a big girl. Clothes with are in trouble. I hadn't shared...Teagen wore the same outfit three days in a row. It's all she wanted. Next time she comes over...she doesn't need a suitcase, only her favorite outfit.
Love her.

Lea said...

Yea!!! Lukas too started school today. He also did amazingly well! I guess that means we as parents have done a pretty darn good job of preparing these little creatures.
Good job on not shedding a tear mommy...I did a little on my way to work.

Marie said...

Yeah for Teagen!

Poor Grady - I can see why he would think he was supposed to be in class too :(

That's very cool that you and Jason both got to take her to school.

Love the new blog header!

Angi said...

awww, she looks so cute, Glad she loved it!

Mandy said...

Way to go Teagen! She did great!!! Yeah for no tears!! Great pictures!