Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 years of Wedded Bliss and a Very Happy Wheatland

We had no intention of going to Wheatland this year. Just getting back from our big family vacation, and the fact that most of our group was taking a year off due to other vacations and a cross country move. We had my Aunt Julie to watch the kids for our 10th anniv. and we just couldn't decide what we wanted to do. Well to make a longish story short, we suggested going to our friends Ian and Leslie, and decided to give it a go! This would be so different than years past, only 2 couples in our group as opposed to the usual 8 or so.

It left us the chance to camp somewhere new(and completely awesome). We also got front row middle seating for the music Friday night. Just totally a different experience.

If you've seen my facebook pics, these will all look familiar. I forgot to grab my memory card, so I could only take the 20 pics that my camera holds in internal memory.
Some of my fav art pieces...
Oops. bad focus! But you get the point.

My new favorite band, Crooked Still. Turn on the music for a couple of their songs. So So good!

The stage a night, from our spot on Saturday. We were still closer than we've ever been! Thanks to the boys. They were so good to us.

Sadly, we worked entirely too long to get a good self-group shot that night. Apparently using the timer was too much work for us. I just happen to think that Ian and Les are camera hogs.

Another fab band, The Deadly Gentlemen. They are so different, I can hardly explain. Like banjo rap( as if that makes sense to anyone). They even do a version of "Bust a Move" that was soooo cool.

The Cajun Dance. Crappy pic, everyone is moving to fast and the lighting is bad. But just to give you an idea as to the amount of people down here after midnight. I have to admit that I hate the Cajun dance. It has turned into a giant,gentler mosh pit. The year some girls stuck a flashlight down the back of Jason's pants kinda did me in. I prefer to stand back and watch, listen to the music and avoid any groping;)

Ten years last Friday. I can hardly believe it. We've thrown around the idea of celebrating with a fancy vacation or big gifts, but not only is that difficult on one income with back to school expenses and tons of new medical bills, its just not our style. We don't need it. The long weekend together was one of the best times I've had with him. It doesn't matter to me where we are. I am just so completely content and happy. I really love this guy.

Jason and Ian. Its really great that the both of us still have such good friends from our childhoods. I guess we have all been through so much together, that its always easy to pick of where we've left off.

The "Cranderson's" . Really enjoyed the weekend with these two. The kind of laughter that leaves your stomach aching. I believe Leslie has been going to Wheatland as long as we have. Its possibly when I met her 9 years ago.

I also discovered that these two are actually very alike. Like one would say something really funny and smarty-pants, then the other would walk up and seriously say the same stinking thing. Scary, and I adore them both:)

Great weekend. Funny how much can change in a year. Friendships disintegrate, people get married, people move, babies are born, and much more. Makes me wonder whats in store for next year.
Looking back now, I can't believe we were not going to go. Crazy talk. And if I say that next year, somebody slap me!


Marie said...

Happy 10 year wedding anniversary! I remember your beautiful wedding and super fun reception - has it really been that long!? Kate is sending you some raspberry love as I type this to help you celebrate - haha!

Lea said...

I've never been to Wheatland..but after reading your blogs about it, I think I'd give it a try!
I'm SO very glad you and Jason are still so happy in love!! Marriage is hard work - but SO worth it!!
Here's to another 10+ years girlie!!

Kim :) said...

How could I forget your wedding. Of course, that's the night Joan says SHE hooked Todd and I up :)

Love you guys!! Many more happy years!!

Stefanie said...

Happy Anniversary! Wheatland sounds like so much fun and it definitely looks like you guys had a great time!

hien k. d. said...

i love this. so sweet and it looks like you guys had so much fun. happy anniversary, Jennie! :)

Denise said...

ten years is something to be proud of! Congratulations!