Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick Day

Illness hit the kiddos this weekend. Just fatigue and low fevers. A cough. And Grady got it the worst. Fever up to 103 and he even threw up(it may have been his first episode, but I cannot remember) Here he is at lunch today... When he is sick, he always falls asleep where ever he is. Poor guy.

The girls were content playing DS, reading and drawing. They built a fort on their bed.
With everyone fully medicated, a project was in order so we made salt dough hearts for necklaces.

Salt dough is super easy, if you never done it before.
1/2 C salt
1 C four
1/2 C warm water
mix up with hands, roll out and we cut shapes with mini cookie cutter. Then used a straw to poke the hole for stringing.
bake on cookie sheet for almost 2 hours(you just want them to get hard and dry) at 250. When cool, decorate!

We painted and then glittered while still wet. I have a large glitter supply. we used mostly the extra fine but still cheap stuff. I kept my vintage glass glitter hidden from the little hands;)
I cant wait till they are dry! I think it will look so cute hanging from a ribbon!

If Teagens lips seem extra rosy, its because she managed to get red paint on them.


Marie M. said...

You are such a good mom! Will you remind me to do fun things like this with Kate? Thanks in advance.

Mandy said...

I hope everyone feels better soon! I love the picture of Grady, I just want to cuddle with him! LOVE HIM!!
I think we will have to try this 'stuff' out..sounds super fun!!

Shelly said...

at least they are all sick at once, I hate waiting for the next one and so on. Hope everyone feels better real soon!