Friday, February 12, 2010

Party treats and Friendship

This one was too good to keep to myself. Mostly because its was just too easy! Rachael also did it for Kennedy's class. How perfect for a birthday party treats! It was a complete hit, everyone was so excited about it! Here is all it is- 2 boxes of regular sugar cones(24 all together)
5 bags of cotton candy that you can get at any Dollar Tree(5 was too much, three would have been fine, as you can see mine are double dippers!)
The cone shaped treat bags can be found in the party supplies at Hobby Lobby for 1.99 for 24.
**you can also fill the cones with m&ms, but I skipped that because we have a milk allergy in Teagen's class.

stuff a bit of cotton candy in the cone and then just stack a little on top for your "scoops" drop in bags and tie with whatever you have laying around.

I found the idea online somewhere, but cannot find the link. I'm creative, but not that creative;)

Here is a pic from yesterdays party of Teagen and her best friend.
I dont know what other pre-ks do, but ours is is wonderful on parent days. She sets up stations and its basically a free for all, but the kids are really good. I didnt take many pics this time because I have this horrid head cold, was working with not only Teagen and Grady, but also took on a few more kids whose parents couldnt make it.

And I leave you with a Valentine message written to Summer from her best friend:

Roses are Red, Lilacs are fine
Valentine will you be mine?
The Sun is Yellow
Your hair Smells like Jello.

Well, I guess she has been using mango shampoo....


Mandy said...

I remember seeing the cotton candy idea in one of my kid cookbooks! What a great idea! Of course you always make it look so much better!!

I love the Valentine poem! So very cute!!

Kristin said...

Jello??? I ♥ it!!!

Almost as much as I love the ice cream idea. Too fun. I think I will be stealing this idea for the twins birthday next month...if you don't mind?!?!?

Anonymous said...

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