Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Recap

The month of December was a true whirlwind. Personally, I was disappointed this year, just because there was so much we missed. My silly little job turned into a very demanding and late night job. Not leaving the time or energy to do much else. And when I was home, Jason was hunting. So, not ideal, but still lovely and memorable.

If I recall, Cookie Day was our first family event of the season. We drove to Mason and met with family to do our traditional sugar cookies. Its a great low key get together, and the only time I get to see my Mom's side of the family in the winter. I cannot lie, I cant find the pics from that day. Hmmmm...

The next weekend, Santa(!) was visiting our Credit Union. This house full of believers had to go visit! And I am happy to announce that no one was afraid! This is a first for us!

The next weekend, we had Christmas with Bob and Joan. I had to work a very long and busy day before we visited, so I was basically worthless. But the kids loved being with their cousins and making a snowman craft with Grandma.

Up next were class parties: Summer's was first...

It s funny how much they tone down parties as the kids get older. They barely had any treats, and did some movement(dancing) and drew on placemats. Summer's teacher is wonderful and sweet. It was a fun peek into her school day.

The next day was Teagen's party. Such a difference! The kids were so adorable and it was nonstop action the entire class! I love that Mrs. C always includes Grady. He even got do do the gift exchange.

Look at this handsome little guy-
(shirt by Rachael. What I dont have a photo of is Jason's matching shirt. CUTE!)

ringing bells. It looks like Teagen does not approve of Grady's technique.

All the different Holiday stations.
And then Mrs. C took the class caroling to some other classrooms. Grady stayed with Daddy in the classroom and I helped set up plates for the little feast, and wouldnt ya guess who shows up....

SANTA!!!!! Grady squealed and ran to him for a big hug. I thought he would be scared, but nope. Asked for robots and batman. He totally enjoyed his private meeting with the BIG GUY before the class walked back in.

Relaxing from the excitement.

Teagen can never remember what she wants to ask Santa for. Usually she say "a barbie". And thats what he brought her;)
Great time. I was so ready for the kids to be out of school. I really like doing projects and had made way more promises than I could keep. But we did do these...

Martha Stewart puppets! These crafts are fantastic because they already have the adhesive on them. No mess!
We did some baking, and some ornament making. On Christmas Eve we visited with Cindy's family. It was an icy drive to and from Montague. So we got home pretty late and put out cookies for Santa. Jason and I still had some serious work to do and we needed to watch A Christmas Story. Its tradition!
We told the kids we would get up at 8 am. at 7 they asked if we would get up. We said 8! So they played in the girls room for an hour and then we got up. It was so funny to listen to them giggle and be silly with excitement. I really was not with it as far as taking a lot of pics, but here are a few...
Teagen got her Rebecca doll...

Love the PJ's? Thanks Aunt Rae!

Not sure what Santa was thinking on this one...its hidden at this point!

Rachael and I decided to exchange hand made gifts only this year. I knew I would make her a papercut, but I needed another idea. So this is what she got. I was so worried, because it either something you this is SO COOL or it just looks like junk. Jason was really worried when I was putting it together. but the finished product is very fun.

Made from book pages! And its huge! I think she liked it.
Christmas day was spent at my Dad's. Nice and relaxing. Especially when there is no work the next day!

Rachael and Gary came over for New Years Eve. The kids played, Rachael tried to teach me to sew and we played a game .
The next day we got into the snow...

And built Muskegon's LARGEST snowman. He is crazy-big. He should make the newspaper:)

Happy 2010! Here's to better blogging!!


Jodi said...

Whoa!! I have to first comment on your fabulous snowman! I think you should send the picture to the paper! It's amazing. Another of the same last year, right? GREAT!!

LOVE Grady's Christmas shirt and tie. Your sisiter is so creative. I imagine your mom was too, right? I want to see Jason's. Andrew bought Keith a tie for Christmas that plays Jingle Bells. Wish he would have opened it early so he could wear it to work.

The wreath is way fun. What did you get in return? Do tell.

I thought I was over my fascination with lashes, but apparently not cuz I totally noticed Summer's...are they long and thick or was it just camera magic? Jealous.

Glad you posted. I keep checking and thought you gave up for FB full time. HAppy New Year!!

Rachael said...

I love the snowman and now Reid and Kennedy are requesting one just like it! By the way, I love-love-love my wreath!

Marie said...

Great holiday recap - love the puppets! Can't wait to catch up with you.

Kristin said...

What a GREAT, FUN December you and your family had. I am sorry that all of your time was taken up with work, but it sounds to me that you got some fun time in. Lots of love to go around; that is all that really matters!!!

Keep up the good blogging!!!

Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope it is your best one yet:)!

Angi said...

Looks like you had a great holiday...missed seeing you at our Christmas party at Grandpa's...