Saturday, January 9, 2010

His Eternal Naughtiness

But whats not to love? This is a face of pure happiness!

And the hat. A steal from Little Miss Matched. Freaking adorable. I am certain that its the last year I can convince him cute stuff is cool. He'll eventually see his reflection and know the truth.
Oh boy...I'm losing him...
But he gave me one more! That head! Its just so,so,so, so ROUND! You cannot resist touching it. You can't. Everyone always puts their hands on his head. Its awesome!
That is one delicious face.


Mandy said...

Love me some Grady! I miss that little guy! Can't wait for summer again!! Great pictures of your little man...maybe another arranged marriage of Madison and Grady???

Lea said...

I would most definitely have to agree about wanting to touch that little head!! He's TOO darn adorable!! We certainly have been blessed with adorably irresistable children - haven't we?? :-)

Shelly said...

I cant believe how much he has grown Jennie, its crazy he's a little man now, and as cute as ever :)