Saturday, December 31, 2011

ABBA DANCE for wii

Thanks to Crowdtap, we recieved this game in the mail to try out and have a party!

We kept it lowkey and added to the Chritmas decorations, brought out my ol Lave Lamp and fixed some appetizers. played some fun ABBA music, and gave away an ABBA t shirt and an ABBA cd!

The game was a blast, but the kids took a little longer to get into it, since they were not familar with the music as those of us that had been around a little while;) But by the end of the party, everyone was fully singing along and learning the moves. It's really a great workout and there are certainly some challenging moves!

I highly reccommend ABBA Dance and Crowdtap. Check them out. Crowdtap has been a great experience and I have had the chance to try a lot of things that I would not normally think of.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Old Navy's new and improved Flip Flops. Thanks Crowdtap!

I was able to participate in yet another sample share on Crowdtap for Old Navy. This time it was for newly designed flip flops. I consider myself a flip flop expert, so I was up for the challenge;)

When my box arrived, I found a size 8 pair of simple Old Navy Flip Flops. Upon further inspection, I found them to be more contoured, thinner and the straps are thinner that Old Navys current design(of which I have several pairs). This turned out to be a perfect fit for me. I am very pleased with the new design.

This was just one of several sampling oppertunties I have enjoyed with Crowdtap. I highly reccommend the site for anyone intereted in giving their opinions, and earning lots of freebies and gift cards:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More about Crowdtap

I just wanted to share a little more about Crowdtap. Like I've said before, I've been a member for a couple months and I have had the chance to:

-earn $30+ in Amazon gift cards
-donate to ASPCA
-sample the following: Old Navy ankle jeans
Playtex Sport body wipes
Old Navy dresses
Old Navy accessories
Old Navy shorts, top and accessory

If you know me, then you know that 1. I LOVE freebies and deals, and 2. I am VERY opinionated. Crowdtap covers both of these perfectly.

My favorite sample share was the first one, the ankle jeans for Old Navy. It was early on after I joined, and I honestly did not believe I was getting free jeans. On top of that, I assumed I would hate them. I had not liked anything from Old Navy in years, and only shopped for the girls there. I gave away the other 3 coupons to girls at work(I even had a friend turn down a coupon because she KNEW she would like the jeans).
Let me tell you-I love those ankle jeans. I roll em up, and wear them everywhere. Old Navy really surprised me. And so did Crowdtap by being awesome and the real deal. It was this sample share that changed my opinion on Old Navy and made me excited to be a part of the Crowdtap community. So go join now. Don't worry, I do not get huge incentives for getting people to join. I just truly think its an awesome site:)

Crowdtap and Old Navy

I have been a member of the Crowdtap community for some time now. To describe it, it's a site where you are asked consumer questions and participate in discussions about everything under the sun, and share your opinions. As an incentive, you can earn Amazon gift cards and also make donations to a charity of your choosing. Currently, I am donating to the ASPCA. See the link at the top of the sidebar if you are interested in joining.

Well, I apparently fit a desired demographic for Old Navy, because below I am sharing my experience with a sample share for a summer shorts party at Old Navy! Coupons for a FREE top, pair of shorts and an accessory for me AND my friends!
TONS of clearance in our local store. The deals were awesome, and seemed to still have lots of sizes available.

We tried on LOTS of cute sandals...

I mean, these are cute!

Mya bought some other stuff too(those deals were just TOO good!) The sales girl just stared at us in disbelief. Mya was first and the clerk just could not believe we were all getting $70 outfits for free. I then got to explain how much I love Crowdtap.

Oh yeah, fill those bags:)

My experience: I have not shopped Old Navy much except for kids clothes in the past few years, simply because a few things I had bought didn't last or just were not flattering. I had considered it more of a juniors type store. And, I literally own like 2 pairs of shorts that I never wear. I found that I actually love shorts again, and can dress them up and feel polished. This experience has been a great eye opener for me. I am certainly going to be back at Old Navy shopping not only for the kids, but for me too!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April Fools Day?

Reposting this pic, the best April Fools Day for kiddos, I think:) Cupcake/brownie burgers, with sugar cookie fries!

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10th- Teagen

Tea had a half day today, so with a little push from Jason, I took her to get her hair cut. She has only ever had it trimmed a tiny bit, and anyone who has seen her in the last year or two, knows there was an Amish/Rapunzel thing going on with it. She was ready for a change.

BAM-Instant Teenager(you can see it, can't you? Ugh.) Buts she's adorable.
Rough weekend ahead, overflowing with memories. I am working a lot, which will hopefully prove to be a blessing in keeping my mind occupied. Some things never change, no matter what, however full your life is(and mine is, really!!!) the empty place left behind when we lose someone is forever hollow. Its like I keep waiting for the day when it isn't.
But I know better.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8th(I am aware I missed yesterday, sue me)

Took the kids to "Tangled" after school today. We got a giant soda and tub of popcorn, and it was only us and a couple of older ladies in the whole theater. Fun! Such a great movie. Disney never disappoints(in my opinion) and this is def another favorite.
After, we drove past the Bat n Club and stopped to watch their light show. It took us a few minutes(and a huge flashing sign) to realize it was set to music and we could tune it into the car(like a drive in!) Duh. But we loved it. So fun, we will certainly be stopping back to check it out again before Christmas.